Aessent News

New lower price and software update available

The aes220 a and b versions are now 30% cheaper. This brings the cost to:

aes220a was £120 now £84 including VAT (£70 excl. VAT). aes220b was £132, now £92.40 including VAT (£77 excl. VAT)

We have negotiated rates on both parts and assembly which allow us to lower the cost of the board and pass on the savings (and more!) to our customers. The board will still be assembled locally, we haven't moved our production abroad.

Version 1.6.1 of the software required to use the aes220 is now available on the website (see the software support tab at:  This release fixes a bug when reading 512 bytes and multiples thereof from the board.  More importantly, though, the VHDL interface is now using a ready/valid interface for the pipes which is simpler to use. The previous interface is still available for legacy designs but we recommend moving to the new one for future developments. Have a look at the FIFO example in the Examples folder. Also in this release the programmer has been slightly tweaked to display and modify the status of the 3.3V rail available on the board's connectors. This is a handy feature when stacking up two or more board together. See the following blog entry describing the feature.  Source code, as always, is available on github: